Set Lunch


Beef BBQHK$ 88
Pork BBQHK$ 88
Spicy PorkHK$ 88
Chicken BBQHK$ 88
Mutton BBQHK$ 88
Shredded Lettuce & Spring OnionHK$ 38

Shredded Seasonal Leafy Greens
Highly recommended salads to eat with BBQs
Modeum Ipari or Sangchoo Pah Moochim

HK$ 38
Leafy Vegetables with Five Grain RiceHK$118
Buckwheat Noodle in Cold Beef BrothHK$ 88
Spicy Tossed Buckwheat Noodle with BeefHK$ 88
Vegetable, Beef & Egg over Rice Served in Stone PotHK$ 88
Thin Noodle Soup with Seafood & VegetableHK$ 78
Kimchee RahmenHK$ 78
Spicy Tossed Thin Noodle with Beef & VegetableHK$ 78
Spicy Beef & Spring Onion SoupHK$ 78
Beef Short Rib SoupHK$ 88
Beef & Cabbage in Soy Bean Paste SoupHK$ 78
Soy Bean Paste StewHK$ 78
Seafood Dofu & Vegetables StewHK$ 78
Spicy Soft Dofu with Minced Pork StewHK$ 78
Spicy Fried Rice CakeHK$ 78
Fried Vermicelli with BeefHK$ 78
Braised Ox-tailHK$ 88
Lighty Salted PikeHK$ 88
Grilled MackerelHK$ 88

Ginger Tea
Jujube Tea
Korean Plum Tea
Quince Tea
Citron Tea

HK$ 15
HK$ 15
HK$ 18
HK$ 18
HK$ 18

Monday to Friday (Except Public Holiday) Plus 10% Service Charge.

We regret discount coupon or other similar offers cannot be accepted on special lunch menu orders.