SOOL. Lovely alcoholic beverages from Land of the Rising Sun

Korea has a long history of making liquor, some of which have even been designated “Major Intangible Cultural Asset". There is also churye, a specific set of manners and customs centered around drinking. As well as commercially available liquors, there are many homemade versions, particularly when it comes to fruit and herbal liquors. So all in all, there is plenty of evidence of love of drinking in Korean culture.

SoJu – Similar to vodka with alcohol content (a.c.) of 25%, soju is made from fermented
potatoes, and are priced to appeal to the masses. It is drunk neat cold, as a cocktail, mixed with Coke or Lemonade; or steeped with julienne cucumber (Oiee Soju) or lemon slices (Lemon Soju) in a porcelain pot for extra flavor. As befit the most popular spirit, there are many brands, with new brands apprearing from time to time. Right now, we offer Jinro, with highest market share in Korea, Green, ChamEeSeul, and ChamNaMooTong, a premium soju.

MahkGulLi is the oldest liquor in Korea, made by steaming non-glutinous and glutinous rice together, then drying and mixing with malted wheat and water and letting the mixture ferment to make the milky white MahkGulLi. With just 6% a.c., it is drunk much like beer in othercountries, and is a truely folk drink that goes well with PahJuhn or BinDaeDduk, Korean style savory pancakes.

JungJong is clear distilled rice liquor, like Japanese sake; Arirang stocks Chung Ha, with 16% a.c. sold in own bottle, to drink cold, as well as warmed sake served in dokuri, a porcelain pot.

MaeShim - popular sweetish plum wine with a.c. of 14%, it goes well with most Korean dishes including all barbecues and vegetarian dishes.

We also stock MunBaeJoo, potent with 40% a.c., distilled spirit made from wheat, millet and sorghum, and has a distinct aroma of Munbae tree flower, thus the name. AnDong SoJu is another well known potent distilled liquor made from wheat and rice.

BaekSehJoo with a.c. of just 14% is a relatively newcomer, and is made with medicinal herbs to boost your health!

Then there is MaekJoo. Beer is a modern drink in Korea, but one around which a whole social culture has grown. We stock several Korean brands, OB, Cass and Hite, as well as local San Miguel draught in jugs, and other major brands.